Brand new knitter: having probs with 1st stitch in the row

I started trying to learn to knit on Tuesday (in a class).
I am obviously doing something wrong with the knit stitch. The middle of all the rows look fine, the first knit stitch on the end of every row is a mess… and it looks like I am adding stitches because it keeps getting wider. Teacher said to keep the yarn behind the needle on the first stitch of the row so it wont look like an extra stich and I thought I have been doing that. Not really sure what I am doing wrong with that first stitch in every row.

one thing you have to remember in keeping it behind though is that it also has to go UNDER the needle. You may have it behind but if it is pulled over the needle it will still look like an extra stitch.

a lot of people just slip that first stitch off the needle on every row and then it will make for a really nice edge. i tend to just make sure that on the SECOND stitch, before i wrap the yarn, i give it just a smidge of a tug to tighten that first stitch. you have to be careful not to get into the habit of doing it on every stitch or your work will be tight…just on that second stitch. i also give the work a smidge of a tug down before i start each row to kind of straighten out that last stitch of the row too.

btw…the problems you are having are normal beginning knitting problems! just keep goin’…you will get past them fairly quickly!

If you’re getting a definite loop at the end, and are increasing stitches, then you are making an inadvertant yarn over stitch at the beginning of the row.

Make sure that when you make your first stitch that the yarn does not wrap around the shaft of the needle as you bring it around to wrap it. One way to avoid this is to put the needle in, making sure the yarn is hanging down the back and then make the first stitch.

Watch it as you wrap it to make sure it isn’t wrapping around the needle.

Thanks! Problem solved. My knitting looks much better now.