Brand new knitter and confused!

Hello all! I hope someone will take pity on me and answer this simp-le question. My very first pattern is asking me to cast on 10 stiches. Well I figured out how to do that (finally!!), but there is no way that what I am looking at is big enough. Should there be two “loops” for each stich or one? THank you so much for your help!


Just one loop for each stitch. What’s the pattern? If you’re supposed to start with 10 sts, then you probably increase to make it larger. Unless you’re using really thin yarn and/or smaller needles from what the pattern says.

It’s just a simple knit and purl pattern. The easiest I could find (no name of pattern listed). I am just making squares to start but ten stitched is just too small. I’ll adjust. Thanks for your help, now I am off to figure out knitting and purling!!

Oh, yes, even for a sampler square you’d want about 20 sts or so.

Also, if you’re going to be knitting a row and purling a row, it’s gonna curl. Look at the top of this forum at the sticky about that so you can avoid the curl.

My pattern calls for one row knit and one row purl, but at the end I will fold them and sew the sides together. Is this going to fix the curling? I’m not sure I can learn another stitch right now? THanks for your help as always.

If you fold it over and sew the edges together it won’t curl anymore.

You wouldn’t have to learn another stitch - garter is knit the sts on both sides. So on another scarf, to make an edge aroudn the stockinette, you could knit 5 rows, then k4 sts, purl across to the last 4 sts and knit. Next row, knit all stitches, the row after that k4, p across, k4.