Brand-New Here - But Here's My Stocking!

Hi y’all!
Brand-new to this forum, but I’ve been knitting for over 6 years. Now, that being said, I’ve never done socks or stockings before! :think:
So here’s the beginnings of the Christmas stocking I’m making for my 19-month-old boy.

The cuff is made out of Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Natural in Polar Bear. I’ve been obsessed with Celtic knotwork cables for a LONG time, so I wanted to be adventurous!
I thought I’d be different and make the stocking part out of the same company’s organic cotton yarn in a really pretty green.
Is it awful?

That’s GORGEOUS! Nice work! Welcome to KH! :slight_smile:

Aww shucks, :aww: thanks! I’m so glad I found this forum! Woohoo!

I love Celtic cable work, it looks great. show more photos as you go. Welcome to KH, it is like a home away from home.

Very pretty cable work!

It’s beautiful! I want to see it when it’s done!

Wow, that’s going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it finished!!!

Excellent cabling you have going there. :slight_smile:

How’s the stocking coming?

that is beautiful! I want to make my (pretty grown up!) kids stockings in the upcomping year - you have inspired me to get adventurous!

great job! and welcome to the forum!

The cables look great! Can’t wait to see the stocking when it is finished!

very impressive, it looks great

That is really cool looking! :slight_smile:

Hi…great looking stocking so far. I’m in Richmond Hill so we’re neighbors! You’ll love this site…anything and everything you every want/need to know about knitting (and other things) are bound to pop up at some time or another.:teehee: :teehee: