Brand new guy to knitting

Excuse me ladies (a pretty safe assumption I’m sure), I am interested in learning to knit stuff and was wondering if I could have a few pointers.

I’ve learned how to cast on (long-tail style?) and have knitted 20 or so err stitches across - it was quite a buzz can tell you:) The thing is, what do I do now? Do I knit or perl or do I thread a piece of wool through it in some fashion? Please understand I have no idea any of what I’ve just said means but I vaguely remember stuff my Mum said too many years ago?!

I am trying to make a scarf (I figured a scarf would be suitable for a beginner?) for my girlfriend’s new niece, so if there’s a suitable pattern somebody could share with me, I would be most grateful:)

Thanks in advance,

Welcome Julian!! And congrats on casting on and knitting your first row! I would just keep practicing the knit stitch and your tension. Garter stitch (knitting every row) scarves are a wonderful way to do this. If you want to try more techniques (and patterns) check out the great videos here. They are fabulous tools for learning new techniques!

good luck!

Just turn and knit your sts again, and turn and knit again. Keep this up for a while to practice the knit st. That makes garter stitche. You can try the purl st and alternate a knit row with a purl row too and that makes stockinette. If this will become a scarf, not just a practice piece, though, the edges will curl under on the stockinette parts, so you might want to work the purl rows as k4, purl 14, k4, to keep the garter st going along the edges and that helps keep them from curling.

Yes, watch the videos…you’ll be knitting up lace before you know it!

And yes, turn the work. I didn’t know that when I started, so I knitted back across left-handed…for almost twenty years. While it works, it’s certainly not the fastest way to handle matters. If you’re right-handed, or knitting that way, at the end of a row you have your right needle full of stitches and your left needle empty. Lay down the empty one, put the full needle in your left hand so you’re looking at the back of the last row and the needle tip is pointing to your right, pick up the empty needle and have at it again.

You’ve gotten lots of great advice so I’ll just say welcome to Knitting Help! We have lots of guys here so you are far from alone! :thumbsup:

Hey fellow guy-knitter.

It’s good to see a few more of you here. Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting. I couldn’t imagine that it would engulf me this much, really, when I started. But I’m into knitting now.

As for scarves, let me see…

This has a lot of scarves, have a look at it, and if you feel up to any of it, just knit it, and don’t worry about mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Plus, it makes your knitting more unique.

The assumption (that there are only ladies on this site) isn’t safe. True we males are under represented in knitting (or crochet) craft when compared to the general population, but that doesn’t mean we don’t practice the craft. Historically, nearly all children were taught how to knit and crochet before the invention of machines knitting.

This is a great place to ask questions, get answers, and find instructions or videos. There are demo video’s on this site for a small complete project that may help with your next step.


I suggest putting down the scarf and doing swatches.
If you hate the thought of wasting time make those swatches out of cotton and call them washcloths.

Your tension and stitch stretching is going to change and it will be noticeable between start and finish by the time you get to the end of a scarf.

Conratulations on picking up knitting!
I suggest you just practice knitting in general before engaging an actual project. Terrible problems can show up as you knit your first thing (dropped stitches, weird tension problems, etc.), and will give a lousy look to your scarf, so I consider knitting either a small piece of cloth or just knitting and undoing random knitting.

Thank you so much to all have suggested this or that. Apologies Jack, I didn’t know so many blokes were on here:(

I will be sure to do some swatches and the whole turning thing, not forgetting tension too:)

It really is quite therapeutic hey this knitting lark - I guess it forces the mind to slow down after a busy day:)

Thanks again everyone


That being said. I couldn’t agree with you more. Its a very therapeutic thing to sit and only have to concentrate on one thing. Plus its very gratifying in the end to see a finished product.

Good luck and have fun.

Yeah, it’s kind of like video games, in that it forces you to completely concentrate on the one thing and nothing else – therefore “relaxing” – more or less! Lots of male knitters out there, some in the top designer list – who knows, maybe you’ll be next. :slight_smile:

Anyway, just sticking in my “welcome to the world of fiber-related havoc” and have fun!

Welcome! :waving: It sounds like you’re well on your way already!