Brand New Charity for pets

Hi all, I posted on a few threads here to help with knitting “snuggles” and “blankets” for our “cold” animal friends…I just had a thought and wanted to share with all of you…I am cleaning closets today and came across several “outdated” sweaters…What about “sweater beds” for these guys? I can take an old sweater, take off the sleeves, stuff and sew! viola a comfy warm bed for the bottom of a “shelter cage”…So, any one interested in sending me your old sweaters, pm me…I will call them “Cozy Sweater Bed”…Happy New Year to all and lets take care of those poor little guys…My favorite Shelter is right around the corner from me and it’s pretty chilly in there…:heart:

Good idea cheley. I will check my closets and I will PM you soon. :blooby:

Great idea, Cheley! :thumbsup:
Do you have a thrift store in your area? You might be able to find sweaters there for about $2 each.

Yes, as a matter of fact I do and I did!!! That’s just about how I got the ‘notion’…I personally don’t “own” too many sweaters (get waaaay too hot) and I have neeeever knit any for myself…(ONLY HATS for me)!!! Thanks…:muah: