Branching Out Scarf

This was a really fun pattern to knit and if anyone is interested in trying out lace, I think it would be a great beginner pattern.

As an added bonus, I used some leftover yarn from a sweater I made. Stashbusting = good!

:inlove: very pretty!

That looks very pretty.


That came out beautifully! Love the color you chose. And yay! for stashbusting!:woohoo:

Great job, I love the color!

Nice lace pattern and reallyyyyy LOVE the colour!!!

Pretty scarf!!

Ooh, isn’t it pretty! I may have to try that pattern now I’ve seen yours!

Beautiful! Both color and pattern! Love the results!

Gorgeous! :heart:

Great job! :slight_smile:

Beautiful scarf. Love the color.:thumbsup:

Your scarf turned out lovely! :inlove:

I’ve made two of these and enjoyed making both of them.

It is very cute, Marria. Love that color.

I love the pattern on this scarf.

That’s really pretty! Just my color too LOL

Yours looks great! I knit it also in a worsted weight yarn and not lace and i think this scarf looks great in heavier weight than required.

Very pretty!

Marria,that is very pretty yarn and the scarf turned out great. i’ve made 2 scarfs using this pattern–the first one took a long time, as i had to keep ‘frogging’ it, then got a light bulb moment and used a lifeline!! linknit41