Branching Out Scarf QUICK QUESTION!


Sounds like you’re making good progress!!! I’m so proud of you for trying again.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


Congratulations.:cheering: When you’re knitting lace and you’ve missed a yo you don’t have to tink. Just pick up the bar between the stitches on the next time through and it will look like the yo. In other words, kind of like an M1 but you don’t knit through the back loop.

Hi’ya Jeremy! :waving:

Yes, I have done that in the past. My problem is sometimes the fact that I knitted the resting row…without the yo…and then when the next pattern working row is on the needle…I come up short on stitches! :eyes:

Sigh. Then to figure out which yo was missing. Hmmm.:shrug:

To make matters worse: on the Column of Leaves scarf…[I]there are[/I] [I]no “resting rows”.[/I] EVERY ROW has yo’s and p2T and P2TogTBL’s…and such. Groan.

Sooo, anyway…installing lifelines is kinda like creating a Restore Point on your 'puter, eh?

I have learned my lesson! Count, re-count, and don’t get distracted. :eyes:

Perform a ‘head count’ before proceeding to the next row.
Better to tink now, than frog later. Or like you said…mark the space of the missing yo with an open stitch marker…and just pick up the strand and ‘create a yo’ on the next row.

Thanks all!

I was trying to see if you had posted a picture of your scarf, but I couldn’t find it even when I clicked on your site.
I fell in love!!! with your “baby girl set”!! I just love the hat. My DDin law is having a baby girl in December and this is the kind of outfit she would love!
Do you think I can still find a copy of the book you have listed there?
Thanks so much in advance!
P.S. I was going to write you directly from your site, but I can never send e-mails that way,for some reason :frowning: !!

I bought the book a few years ago…however, Bouton d’Or has a website. Perhaps your LYS can get it from them for you, or you can get it from them directly. Not sure. Glad you like the little set! I loved making it.

Here is my little “Choux” hat. Choux means Cabbage in French!

Here is the little hat, as shown on the book page!

Here is a photo of the book:

And the back:

Your little hat is absolutely irresistable!
I mean it!
I want to make one!