Branching Out Scarf QUICK QUESTION!

Hi ya! :waving:

I cast on for Branching Out Scarf last night…worked one 18 row repeat…ACK.

All of the Branching Out scarves I have seen here at the KH ranch have been sooooo beautiful and polished looking!

Here is my question:

[B]Did your Branching Out scarf look all wonky until after the blocking process??? Did the blocking process tame the design and smooth it out?[/B]

My Branching Out looked (yeah, I frogged it) all wonky and distorted. Especially the “Knit 3 Togethers”.

Is it my yarn? Or is this normal??

I want to knit this scarf with some gorgeous stash yarn I have left over from my OPAL cardigan. I want to wear it with it.

Anyhoo, are there any Branching Out scarf veterans out there who can enlighten me?


Yeah, it will look a bit “wonky” until it is blocked. I wondered about that to when I was making mine.

mine was wonky, too

I haven’t knit Branching Out, but other lace items always look wonky until they are blocked.

Thanks for posting this I’m on my second try of it. I didn’t get very far without frogging, just started back at it. Maybe i’ll stick with it now. It’s a little depressing learning all this and then making something that’s not very pretty right away !! This is my first lace pattern.

It depends on your particular knitting and wool, try blocking it and see if you like it.

i am so glad you asked this! i am going to knit this using gossamer from KP (in leprechaun!) … i’ll have to go spy on your progress :wink:

Hi’ya Jeanie! :waving: Well, darn. I got so discouraged by the Branching Out scarf…I re-cast on for the Column of Leaves scarf. I am on row 3…having had to frog rows 1 and 2 [I]twice.[/I]

Dang. :eyes: I always get messed up with those yarnovers. :eyes: Well, I will obviously have to double check EVERY ROW for accuracy before moving on to the next row with any lacy project.

I will knit the Branching Out for sure…and who knows…maybe I’ll end up frogging this Column of Leaves…and casting on [I]again[/I] for Branching Out!

I love them BOTH so much. I think I should knit Branching Out is Elsebeth’s pea green Silky Wool. Another KH sister knit hers in a pea or leaf green, and it looked so way cool!

Well, me and DD are going to the Puyallup Fair in the morning. Couldn’t have picked a worse weekend. Both Sat and Sun won’t win any beauty pagents! Take your pick.
They are both “Sisty Uglers”! :shrug:

:lol: we were planning on going to the fair friday, but dh’s boss didn’t get him his money owed… so we won’t be going this year :pout: i was looking forward to taking dd to see all the animals…have fun for us! :slight_smile:


I recently started the Branching Out scarf in a beautiful green Grignasco cashmere yarn I found in Charleston SC last year, “on sale”, if that even means anything with cashmere. It still cost a bundle.

-Do you know how to use “life lines”?
-It makes more sense to tink rather than frog if you goof up lace and catch it before you go on to the next row.

mine’s wonky even after blocking, and wonky while I wear it, too. it folds itself in 2 places, I think it’s along the k3tog and the sl1-k2tog-psso.

I knit this with the Elsebeth yarn! It turned out really great, but winding it up beforehand was a bummer.

And yes, it is kind of weird looking until you block it, which was difficult for me since I’m just not very good at the whole blocking thing, and the pattern is so “holey.”

I’ve got another one (same yarn) OTN for a friend, but I haven’t been able to work on it because of my classes. I hope to start working on it again in a month or so…my break between terms.

Let me know if you have any questions!! Oh, and count ever row. The change in number of stitches is a bit tricky.

I can’t wait to see your FO! You do such beautiful work!!!


Hello All! :waving: I really appreciate your input. I have finally hit a brick wall with my knitting! Really. :wall:

You know I cast on for this Branching Out scarf. Worked 18 rows. It looked so wonky, I thought it must be my yarn.
So I frogged it.

Then I cast on for Column of Leaves. That, too, is a lovely leafy pattern. :wall: I frogged the first 8 rows three times.
I finally got the hang of it…got 3 repeats done (24 rows)…and missed yet another yarn over in the criss-cross channel near the edge. Grrr.

Tinked back to the error…tried to re-create it…two stitches were involved…ACK! So I begin to frog…looking for a good row to pick up on. ACK. I realized that when a pattern is “worked” from RIGHT SIDE AND WRONG SIDE…there are no simple rows to pick up on. Everything is just a jumble. There is no counting rows either because of the patterning!! ACK. :wall:

So, I frogged the whole darn mess…put it away…figuring that NOW is probably NOT THE TIME for ole Artlady to work on this project! Sigh. Me and yarnovers! Every boo-boo is always those darn yarnovers that I miss!!! :eyes: ACK!

I know I can do this pattern. I will just have to double check each and every stitch on each and every row all the way up the scarf…all 60" of it. And, perhaps I should consider what lace knitters call LIFELINES: “a safe place to fall, or land!” as they say.:wink:

For now, I am finishing up my BORGHILD Viking Cables Cardigan…and those other two scarves that are OTN. I should really not be taking all these side trips. Maybe that is why Column of Leaves and Branching Out are eluding me. :eyes:
I am going to wrap up my 3 OTN’s…[I]and then[/I] in a calm, relaxed state of mind…I will pick up either Column of Leaves or Branching Out.

Of course, I want to make an Elsebeth Lavold pullover for my DSIL. Elsebeth released two new books this week…and WOW! I found the perfect pattern for him…and I have some Silky Tweed in my Stash that is just his color…and and the pattern asks for Silky Tweed!!! How sweeeeet is that!!!

[B]Then[/B] maybe I will pick up Branching Out. Sigh. :pout:

I really really really admire all of you lace knitters! It takes a special kind of knitter! :knitting:

I’ve done two Branching Outs and the Column of Leaves - I pulled them both out several times at the beginning, but I think that they take a while until they begin to look better. I definitely used lifelines so I didn’t have to tink or frog so much. Frankly, I liked the Branching Out better because it seemed to go so much faster for me. It looks so much better after being blocked, though.

Hi’ya Aussie! :waving:

I won’t give up on them. And I will DEFINITELY read up on lifelines! Thanks for sharing your assessment about the differences!

Those two beautifl scarves will be well worth the effort!
You are to be commended! :hug:

Have you posted photos of them here at KH? Would love to see them!

I’ve posted the first Branching Out one I did - here’s the picture-
The other two I haven’t taken photos yet…
With the lifelines - just use a yarn needle and some scrap yarn, thread the yarn through the stitches on the needle at the beginning of a pattern repeat (or however often you’d like) and keep knitting. I just pulled the yarn out after every repeat and did it again. Just make sure you count to be sure that you’ve got the correct number of stitches before you remove the yarn or you’ll never get it back in again!:eyes:


What a beautiful way to photograph your scarf! I simply layed mine across my dining room table.

ArtLady, YOU CAN DO THIS! You, who have completed the most gorgeous sweaters and blankets (I remember that amazing red throw), can master the lace!

Hang in there!!! We’re here for you!

Plus, if [I]I[/I] can make this scarf, [I]anyone[/I] can! We’ll just say that my knitting certainly is not on the level of many on this forum!!!


Thanks Aussie! :waving: Your Branching Out is gorgeous and very classy! I will definitely install lifelines! Definitely.

With your help, and Auburnchicks’s encouragement, I will give Branching Out or Column of Leaves another dance! I am anxious to try the lifeline thing. :eyes:

Stay tuned. :knitting:

Just for the record, I tried Branching Out as my first lace project too and gave up. I’ve since been successful even with the Secret Stole Knit along. (I gave up for other reasons). For me, lace is a lot easier to knit from a chart and I don’t think I used the chart for that pattern. Unless you are absolutely in love with Branching Out, I would consider another lace pattern to begin with. I’m having a lot of fun and success with Kiri right now. I wouldn’t advise Kid silk haze though.

Well, I was encouraged to try again. So, between having frogged both scarves (Branching Out and Column of Leaves)…I re-cast on for Branching Out BECAUSE it is only worked from the Right Side. The wrongs sides are “resting rows”. WhoooHoooo!

I am using the CHART this time. Last time I had used the written instructions, and I think I miss yarnovers with the written instructions!

I have completed 20 rows of Branching. On the twentieth row (the resting row at the end of the repeat) I inserted a lifeline, using a DMC Cotton Perle yarn. Hope that will be sufficiently heavy enough. I left about 4" tails hanging out beyond the knitting.

Well, so far, so good. I am now counting the middle stitches at the end of the row, before proceeding to the “resting” WS row. I call that my “reward row”. :teehee:

I caught one missed Yo by counting. Fortunately, the missed yo was 5 stitches from the end of the pattern row! Sigh. I tinked back to it and installed the yo. Sigh.

Since Yo’s are my main error…I wrote down how many yo’s should be on each pattern row…and the first thing I do is perform a “head count” for yo’s on the row.

Well, here is a photo of my very first lifeline. Will this DMC cotton perle be a sturdy lifeline?