Branching Out Scarf From Knitty

Has anyone made the Branching Out Scarf? I think I would like to make it for my mom for Christmas, I’d love to see some examples in different colors and yarns.

Maybe try the KALs? And this:


Here is a KAL with a few examples:

Sarah is right… just google “branching out scarf”, you’ll find several results!

I’m working on it now (though I haven’t picked it up in some time) and started it in paton’s ss. Then after getting quite a bit into it, realizing I can’t block acrylic. sigh I figured I would just wash it and pray the stitches even out.

Anyway, I like how the pattern is coming out. It’s not too difficult, but it does take quite a bit of concentration. I can’t have the tv on or I’ve lost my place and have a hard time trying to straighten out the mess I’ve made. I do love how it’s coming along though.

you know, I never liked that pattern, until I saw it in a thicker yarn. (thanks for the link) the lace weight version just looks soo… frou frou and flimsy… but seeing it in a different yarn I really like it. May have to add that to my pile of patterns.

Same here. I was hoping I could find pics of it done in thicker yarn.

I’ll do that Google search and post some here if I find any.

I’ve been thinking that - in a worsted weight wool I think I would dig it. I’m working on it now with Lion Brand Microspun and though it’s blocking fine (I couldn’t decide if I wanted to continue with it so I’m blocking the finished part to see how it will look) I really don’t like it. It’s like you said, sort of dated and “frou frou” ish. I might start it in a thicker yarn.