Branching Out lace

I have seen some beautiful examples of the Knitty Branching Out lace pattern posted here. So I was inspired to try. Last night I successfully completed one set of the lace pattern, after 4 attempts! Anyway, I just wanted to say to those of you who do lots of lace I am just in awe of because lace is hard! In in additiong to learning how to do the lace pattern I am learning patience!

:smiley: It’s fun, don’t u think :wink:

I hope you’re using a life line! It really can be a lifesaver.

Oh yes I am!


I am in the process of branching out too! I had to rip it many times before I got the hang of it. I never caught on to the chart as the author suggested but I did enlarge the pattern instructions and printed the significant rows in blue font; that helped a lot. After a few repeats, I have the hang of the pattern and make fewer mistakes! Good luck. I love mine and I hope you are loving yours too by now. :XX:

I just finished mine! I’ve got to block it and then I’ll post pix.

Well, I think I am making fewer mistakes but it’s very slow going. Yesterday I had a bit of time to work at it and I’ve done 3 and 1/2 repeats so far. Sometimes I have to redo a row so I end up devoting 15- 20 minutes to 1 row. I do think it’s turning out well. I’m using Knit Picks Elegance which is baby alapaca and silk. This is my first experience with that sort of yarn. The scarf though light weight is going to provide a bit of toastiness. It actually would be nice accesory in the fall when a regualr scarf is too much. The color is oatmeal and reminds me of antique white. I’m not sure who this scarf is for though. Maybe me? I don’t wear things that would go with it, I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl. I only know a few people who might be able to wear such an elegant thing.

I love this pattern but it easy to slip up. It’s such a beautiful pattern it’s well worth the heart ache. I’ve made a couple of scarves and I’m currently working on a belt in this pattern. Good luck and fun with it. :XX: