Branching Out KAL

I thought for sure I’d find a Branching Out scarf knit-along here, but I didn’t, so I’d like to start one. Okay, I’ve got a head start, but I’m making enough mistakes, so I know others will catch up quickly! Or maybe some people have already started theirs, and want to talk about it and/or show pictures of their progress.

I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (gold color), and have about 9 inches done.

I have Nicky Epstein’s book “Knitting on the Edge,” and have decided to try knitting on the leaf fringe from it when I’m finished. I think the hanging leaves will fit right it. I don’t know if I’ll make the leaves all gold, too, or make a few green for interest. I’d have to buy more yarn for just those few leaves, so I probably won’t. I’m trying to use up the yarn I have.

Anybody else want to join in?

:smiley: Oh, yeah, I loved knitting my Branching Out…I’ve got to knit socks to match it :wink: I would love to knit another one, but I’m knitting gifts now…I may have to squeeze one in :wink:

I just completed knitting that scarf two days ago :cheering: :cheering: and it came out beautiful!! I used mint green Baby Alpaca and its as soft as whipped cream.

I went back to my LYS to buy the same yarn in blue but she didn’t have that color. So I chose something else in blue. Its called “Dream” and is 13% Angora with other fibers. I just cast on last night to knit one for my mother for Mother’s Day.

The leaf pattern comes out beautifully. I’m SO glad I found this pattern on line a few days ago. :smiley:

I’m a new knitter so I did have a few problems knitting the first scarf following my place on the paper for which stitch I was to do next. So I am now using one of those magnetic boards on the paper. That REALLY helps me keep track and I did not lose my place after using that.

So I’ll KAL with you on my second scarf! :XX: :XX:

It really is a beautiful scarf. :XX: :XX: :XX:

I just did a Branching Out about two weeks ago and I really liked the way it turned out! I used S. Charles Ritratto because that’s what my grandma gave me and it was for her. I used less than a skein.

I’d like to incorporate the pattern into a matching purse for her, but we’ll see.

:cheering: Yay, more branching out fans!

The scarf is 17 inches long now (about 10 repeats) and counting. I was knitting a lot on the go yesterday, and made a few mistakes, but it didn’t take long to recover.

Both yarns mentioned sound luscious. I love knitting with baby alpaca :heart:. The Ritrotto looks like a pretty yarn, Carol. I’ll bet your grandmother loves it.

Back to the leaves… :XX:

I never would have picked out Ritratto, but I was pleased that it blocked well. Gma doesn’t have it yet. I haven’t taken a really decent picture of it yet, but here are a couple.

That looks just beautiful!! I really think this is one of the prettiest patterns I’ve seen. I enjoy it so much.

I’m still working on the blue one. :XX: :XX: :XX: I lost my place a few times and had to begin again…even tho I am using the magnetic board to keep my place. :frowning: I guess I can’t watch to much tv when I’m trying to follow a pattern like this one. lol :??

:smiley: Gorgeous :cheering: :cheering:

A good friend of mine gave me a skein of Cashmeere lace weight yarn. It is the thinnest yarn I have ever seen. And soooo soft!
Is it possible to knit the Branching out with that thin yarn?

Carol, that’s pretty!

Virtuella, I don’t see why you couldn’t make it in laceweight. Why don’t you make a little swatch of a repeat or two, bind it off and block it, and see how you like it?

Here is a picture of the end of mine with a leaf from Nicky Epstein’s book, Knitting on the Edge, with two fewer rows than specifed in the leaf fringe pattern. I was thinking of putting three on each end. What do you think? Would it look better without the leaves, or maybe with smaller leaves?

Thank you, a swatch is a good idea!!

And I love yours with the leaf on, but I would maybe had more of them? 5 maybe?

Wow, your scarf turned out lovely! I like the leaves as an edge a lot. I think if you make them slightly smaller you will need 5 or so, either going straight across or alternating up & down.

Your scarf did come out beautiful!! I love the color too. :inlove: Is it gold or an orange?? Just lovely. I too like the leaf too very mucht. I have that book I’ll have to get my copy out and take a look. I haven’t knitted anything from it…yet! :XX: :XX:


I think it’s 007 yellow ochre, a discontinued color. I bought it locally in 2004. It’s more gold than orange.

I like the idea of making five smaller leaves. I’ll give it a shot. It shouldn’t be too hard to modify the leaf pattern even more.

:smiley: Lovely, Skater…I love your idea of adding the leaf from Nicky’s book :wink:

I found the photos of the Branching Out scarf that I made last fall using KnitPicks’ Merino & the hat I designed to go with Branching Out using a yarn painted with autumnal colors & leaves knit & attached to the ribbing portion of the hat :smiley:

Rebecca, you designed that leafy pattern on the hat? Neat. Have you done it with a solid? I luv leaves!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was thinking about using that yarn for this pattern, but I didn’t know if it would work. You just saved me a bunch if second guessing.

I love the dream yarn, I made a bunch of scarves in pink for a few little girls and they loved them. I didn’t do any kind of pattern, just plain knitting.

I am so going to start branching out as soon as my needles come in the mail.

Hi Everyone ~

This KAL has inspired me to go for it…I’ve been pondering trying something a bit lacey…but as a relatively new knitter I’ve been a little fearful. But I’m going to give it a go.

I bought two balls of the Silky wool mentioned in the pattern. It’s a medium gray color. If this project works ( make then when it works) I’m hoping that the gray will look nice on my sister’s red wool coat. I’m using size 8 circurlar needles ( don’t even own any straight needles, except DPN’s ). I have both Addi Natura’s and Turbo’s in that size so will see which one’s work best.

I love see everyone’s beautiful work ! Keep it up !


I’m considering this but the yarn embargo continues in this house, so I’ll have to use what I have.

Does anyone know yarn subbing enough to tell me if some Sirdar DK 50%merino/50% acrylic would work for this pattern?? :??

It’s a lovely blue color and soft despite the acrylic. I have about 10 balls of it and I have frogged the other things I tried to make with it (trying not to force the yarn to be something it doesn’t want to be, etc).

Should this work well for a lacy pattern?
(Feel free to tell me to stop being a lazy so and so and make a guage swatch) :wink:

Yeap, I was playing around one day with the hat, I wanted a hat to go with my “Branching Out” and had this lovely autumnal colored hand painted yarn on hand & used it. I’ve not done it with a solid color, but it’s easily done…u just knit up several leaves (I used a few different sizes) and then simply sew them onto a basic hat :wink:
I don’t think you were around last year, eh? I knit a matching hat & fingerless gloves to go with my scarves :wink: OMGoodness, I’ve not done the gloves to go with my Branching Out…I must do them before cold weather :wink: