Bramble stitch

I lost track of what row I should be on! I put this project away for a while, and now I can’t remember what row of Bramble stitch I am on. I can’t even do the math! I am on row 2 of the chart, but before I get there, I need to remember where to start on the bramble stitch pattern. Plus what to do on the edges- slip, p 2? Oh dear…
I am a little scattered lately- my head is full of school and the other project!

When I get confused about a pattern row, it helps to look at the stitches in the previous row. Are you on the RS or WS row? Can you tell how the last few sts of the previous row were worked? That usually sets up the next row.
The same is true for the Bramble stitch. Can you see how the sts were worked on the previous row, where there are p2tog for example?
It may also help to post a photo of your knitting especially the beginning of the row.

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That is so frustrating! Sometimes I even can’t figure it out from my notes and markers. @Salmonmac gave you great advice. I have sometimes undone some stitches of the previous row to figure out what it was. That’s a last resort, though! Kudos for tackling this huge project. I can barely force myself to knit a baby blanket these days! Socks are my max attention span but they take as long as a baby blanket!