Bramble stitch?

I am trying to do the Trinity/Bramble/Blackberry stitch, but i dont understand this:

*(k1, p1, k1) all into the next stitch, p 3 together. rep from * to end


what is knitting or purling INTO a stitch??

well when you knit or purl a stitch like normal you are knitting into it…get rid of the word and you still are doing the same thing you have always been doing.

they are just trying to tell you that you are making three stitches out of one. So knit your stitch, but before dropping the loop off the left needle bring your yarn forward and purl, and again before you drop the loop off your left needle bring the yarn back and knit the stitch and then drop the loop off. So where there was once 1 stitch there are now three.

try to keep the stitches sort of loose as doing this can get VERY painful if you are trying to force tight stitches!

(my fingers have finally recovered! :thumbsup: :rofling: )