Brain slug

My dd ask if I would make a brain slug for my grandson to wear for Halloween. Since I don’t have any idea what a brain slug is as I don’t watch Futurama, I just made it following the pattern and hoped for the best ! :slight_smile:

I did teach myself magic loop, many thanks to the wonderful Amy for another superb video. Took me about a minute to catch on even reversing directions for my right brain.

Great little brain slug! That should please your DGS.

too cute

There’s actually a few patterns on Ravelry that look a lot like that! Great job on it!

:yay: You did a great job!

Cute little guy! MAGIC LOOP is wonderful, isnt’ it??

That looks fantastic. I knit a brain slug hat for my best friends baby back in January. I think when she gets old enough to wear headbands I will knit her one just like that and attach it to a head band. Her momma would love it. Just too cute!

That is so cute! Looks great on the baby!

Nonny that looks really great! I wouldn’t have known what a brain slug was either…

That’s cute. XD

Oh, my gosh, that is sooo cute! That baby is so adorable! You did a great job on it. I had more trouble finding a green yarn that I thought was “sluggy” than anything else! :teehee:

Thanks. :smiley: For me that wasn’t too hard to find the yarn, Red Heart soft had just the right shade… Which was fortunate for my broke self since it was easily obtained at walmart and really cheap. :smiley: