Brain Fart - Please help!!!

Okay, so I am knitting a hat in the round and it has 84 sts. I’m trying to do a 1x1 rib knit but for whatever reason I can’t remember if the knits and purls should be stacked.

Like if this is the material, shouldn’t it be:


As I knit in the round, I keep finding myself purling on top of knits and vice versa. Am I just not paying close enough attention, or is this correct?

For ribbing you knit the knits and purl the purls. So yes they are stacked, but they would be when you knit flat, too. The only time you don’t is when you do seed stitch.


Count your stitches. I’ve had brain farts casting on for ribbed hats that had me doing that. I think I cast on thinking multiples of X+X or I left off the +1 for the join.
If you left off the +1 casting on for the join and decreased to join that would have you with an odd number and set up to seed stitch.

If you have cast on 84 stitches, and are doing a 1/1 rib, it will work out perfectly, and the knits will be on top of knits, and purls on top of purls.

If it is NOT working out that way, then you have an error somewhere. Either you miscounted (happens all the time) or you missed a stitch somewhere. I find it best if I use stitch markers after every 20 stitches (for example). Then I know I have the right count without getting lost somewhere.

If it isn’t working correctly for you, then there is an error somewhere. Just have to find it.

btw, I prefer a 2/2 rib for more elasticity – despite what any pattern will tell me. I CAN change the pattern, if I like!! Or maybe a 2/1 rib? My opinion only.