Braided rib stitch help

Hey everyone,
I just printed a pattern off Ravelry with the following Rib Stitch pattern note.

p1, skip 1 st and k into 2nd st, then k into skipped st and slip both sts from needle together

Is “skip” the same as slip one stitch? And i really don’t understand the k into 2nd st then k into skipped thing.

I know this will make sense and be fun when I figure it out but I can’t seem to make head or tales of it.

Could someone explain this to me in simpler terms?


No, slip and skip are not the same.

p1, skip 1 st and k into 2nd st, then k into skipped st and slip both sts from needle together

I remember the first time I encountered this, I thought it was impossible to do. :lol: It’s not.

You actually by-pass the first stitch at the end of the needle that you would usually knit into and knit into the second stitch. It seems crazy but it works. :wink: Just insert the RH needle into that 2nd st exactly like a regular knit, yarn around like normal and pull up the new st loop. Stop right there. Don’t slide anything off the LH needle yet. Now go back to that st you skipped and knit it and after you pull up the new st loop slide the whole works off the needle. It makes a miniature twist. It won’t look like much until you get quite a few of them on top of each other and then you will be able to see what it is doing.

What she said ^. It sounds strange but is well worth it!!:slight_smile:

No skip a stitch is not the same as slip a stitch. You’re going to knit the sts out of order and Merigold gave good instructions on how to do that.

I think ive done this before and really enjoyed it! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get to that point in the pattern!

What kind off patterns is this stitch used in ?

This produces a twisted stitch, kind of a mini cable.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: I’m new to knitting, have only done cross stitching, and I have never done a cable stitch hanging my head in shame lol
But I bought cable needles today though :wink:

Don’t be ashamed, cables are considered a more ‘advanced’ technique, though there’s nothing difficult about them. When you say ‘cable’ needles, do you mean the ones for doing cables, or circulars that have a cord/cable attaching the needles?

I mean the ones used to make the cables
I got the Deluxe set for Christmas (and the chunky set too) and I just had to have these too :wink:

Those are nice. Just wanted to check, some people call circulars cable needles so it gets confusing.

Thanks for checking :slight_smile: I’m still learning all the “lingo” in this knitting world, esp. since English is not my native language :slight_smile: