Braided Pullover

So, I’m making the braided pullover from Interweave Knits fall 2008. I finished the arms and now started the main piece. However, when I looked back at the pattern pictures I saw that the rib on the sleeves is supposed to go all the way up the arm. Apparently, that wasn’t clear to me. And I did both of them! I haven’t frogged them yet… the yarn is going to be very squiggly. Would you guys do them over again or just leave them? I figured I finish the main part of the sweater and then worry about them.

I would see how it looks and how they fit (don’t sew the arms in just tack them in place). if it works and i like it then i would leave it, if not the it’s a re-knit.

Well I have to admit I am a lazy knitter so I doubt I would redo them, I bet they’ll be fine. But just look at it all together when the main part is done and you’ll know if you want to take the effort or not.

I don’t think it’s a make or break the pattern situation so I’d probably leave it. After all it is [I]under[/I] the arms, it’s not like you left off a cable up the outside or something.