Braided Hat-I,m stuck at decrease..need help

braided hat (I don’t know how to link so go to… patterns…adult hat…braided hat… it is burgundy)
I love this hat…however I am stuck at the decrease in the cable…there is an asterisk for the repeat, however there isn’t an asterisk to to determine where to repeat from. I have decreased the first cable (the row in which you hold stitches to the front)…now what?..Similarly, once I get to the row in which you decrease holding stitches to the back, what is the repeat? I can’t seem to line up the cables after this point. HELP

The asterisk should appear at the beginning of a repeat and continue until it says: " - repeat (0) times from *

Has this helped?

Decrease rows:
Work two rounds of: (p1,k9, p1) around.
Next round, decrease within each cable: P1, hold three stitches forward, K1 k2tog, from held stitches k1 k2tog, K1 skpo, P1, repeat from, *
Knit 2 rnds of: (p1, k6, p1) around.
Decrease round: (p1, k2tog, hold 2 stitches to back, k2tog, on held stitches, skpo, p1) around
Work one round of (p1, skpo, k1, p1)
Work one rnd: (p1, k2, p1) around.
Decrease rnd: (skpo, p2tog) around.
Last rnd: (k1, p1) around, cut yarn and pull through the remaining stitches
Sew a pompom on the top.
I should have attached these instructions from the start. The instructions say to repeat from *, however there is no * to look back to continue the repeat??? somethings missing, I think.