Braided Cable Scarf

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#9999CC"]OK, so this is my very first knitting project (other than the practice yarn I learned to knit/purl on.) I’ve been told I chose an ambitious first thing to do. LOL After about a gazillion re-starts, it’s gotten to be about 4 feet long so far. [/COLOR][/FONT]

Very pretty. Quite ambitious for a first project! You did great. I try to be pretty ambitious too, I say jump right in and try things!

Wow, that’s great! It looks fantastic. I admire you. I am a first timer too and I am knitting a simple scarf all in knit stitch for my dad. Keep up the good work! :knitting:

PS I too have restarted mine a zillion times. :wink:

Way to go on your first project, it looks great!! :happydance:

great work! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! And excellent work for a first project! Good job.

I think that it’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous:thumbsup:! I’m such a sucker for cables scarves, it’s just so pretty:inlove:! WTG for your first project! Now you can do anything:cheering:

Ditto what KnittingNat said - I love, love, love cables! And that is really pretty. If this is your first “real” project, then I’d say you have a bright knitting future ahead of you! Nice job!! :woohoo:


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][color="#9999CC"] Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and praise. :aww: I’m extremely excited that it’s turning out so well and can hardly wait to see what else I can do. LOL[/COLOR][/FONT]

That’s just gorgeous! Is that your own pattern or is it from a book or online? I only ask because this is EXACTLY the kind of pattern I’ve been looking for for a couple of years, and I’ve never been able to find it.

You’re doing an amazing job! Keep at it and you’ll be making all kinds of fun stuff soon! :yay:

Oh, that cable is beautiful!!!

Great job!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#9999CC"]Thanks!! big proud smile

Ladyjessica, no, it’s not my own pattern, but rather a free one I found on the net. The link to the site is here.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Ambitious indeed! I couldn’t even look at cabled projects until a few months ago. Great job!! :thumbsup:

Fantastic job! This just goes to show that you should limit yourself because someone says something is too hard for a beginner. Good on you for taking it on. Your cable looks great. :cheering:

Terrific job and beautifully done!!

Hats off to you for being so ambitious, I think making ‘difficult’ items makes and keeps knitting more interesting. =)

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love your scarf! The pattern is great and so is the knitting.
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Susan, thank you so much for that link! I’m definitely going to put this on my to-do list. Thanks again! :hug:

OMG - you new knitters producing FOs like this put me to shame!!! I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to do cables after learning to knit!

Hi Susan!! =)

I just printed the instructions from the link you provided. I really love the look of the yarn in your scarf, would you tell us what you used?