Is it okay to brag about something exciting for my daughter here and shamelessly promote a personal fund raiser???

Sure, forum is for that type of thing.

Well okay then… my daughter now 13 has taken Ballet classes since she was 3 yrs old. Jan and Feb is “audition season” for numerous schools and companies across the country for summer dance Intensives. Ballet schools small and large hold auditions all over the country. She had never tried out for any before but just doing such an audition seems like a good learning experince experience–strange studio, different instructor, see how good other dancers are… Our busy schedule only allowed her to try two. Anyway…we were very thrilled and excited when we found out she was accepted to the Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive! Just trying out for them seemed a bold thing to do because of their stellar reputation among dancers.

For those not up on things in ballet the Bolshoi is one of the oldest and finest ballet schools in the world and has produced some of the worlds best dancers. The Intensive is small and exclusive. Not all those who audition get in by any means and hundreds of students tryout. So this is a very special honor we are surprised and thrilled. The Intensive is in the US but the same teachers that train students at the actual Bolshoi in Russia will be teaching here. So it’s an awesome opportunity.

So onto the shameless fundraising. We are using this crowd funding site:

to raise some money to help defray the costs. Small and exclusive also means very expensive. My son filmed and edited the video my daughter did the content. I only supervised and made minor suggestions that they mostly did not listen to. It’s a beautiful collaborative effort of my kids, daughter in front of the camera and my son behind it.

If you’d like to donate any amt–even just a few dollars, we’d be very grateful. But if not another way to help if you are so inclined would be to Tweet it to your followers or like it on Facebook or email it to friends/family might find it interesting.

Thanks for reading and taking an interest.

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EEEKKK!! I just now saw on AOL a former Bolshoi dancer complaining that the Bolshoi dancers were expected to have sex with dignitaries! Sorry to mention it, but I saw your post days back and instantly thought of your sweet daughter! This ballerina could just be disgruntled (was let go for weighing too much) but if it was my girl it would give me pause for thought before sending her to Russia.

From post #3 by newamy:

The Intensive is in the US but the same teachers that train students at the actual Bolshoi in Russia will be teaching here.

It is hard to know how much of what is said by different people is true and how much isn’t. I’d have been concerned for this sweet, wonderful girl from my first reading except that I caught the part about it being in the U.S. My GD attends a ballet academy in Tacoma that teaches Russian ballet. She was in a British Dance Academy for a while that didn’t do the Russian style and didn’t like it at all as it’s quite different. I think an opportunity for an intensive with the Russian Ballet is exceptional and I’m sure Mom will be alert to any problems and concerns. We can all keep her in mind while she’s there too.

jinxnit, please don’t feel I’m poo-pooing your concern. I’m not. Believe me, when/if my GD makes it to the Naval Academy summer program I’ll be on pins and needles!

I just saw a news item that disputed that claim so who knows.

Well, at least it will not be in Russia. It seems unlikely that anything untoward would happen in the US.

It’s probably just some angry dancer, who knows? With all the crazy stuff going on today, it’s hard to let your kids walk out the front door.

Keep calm and knit on!

The student division and the professional division are two separate entities. However the current teachers at the Russian Bolshoi have trained many of the current professional dancers. In fact the instructors have worked with some who are now among the worlds best dancers. I do not know who my daughters instructors specifically will be, they will be from the Russian Bolshoi however. And the classes will be conducted in Russian (with English translators available) There are two Intensives. My daughter will be in the one for ages 9-14 then there is a high school through 22 yrs of age intensive in a different location taking place simultaneously.

As far as ugly Russian Bolshoi rumors. This is really not so different than the recent and tragic acid throwing incident. There was an interesting stroy on NPR recently about how behvior at the Bolshoi is reflecting current Russian society. I have read that during the soviet era that principal dancers were accorded higher social positions and did interact with Govt. officials but I have not heard that that is the case these days. To this day Ballet is considered an important art form in Russia and is supported by the Govt. but Putin himself takes no particular interest. Historically the Bolshoi has always been a place of intrigue and scandal.

The reason all this scandal continues to be in the press is because it is THE Bolshoi. They are considered excellent and elite and special to Russia; anything that tarnishes them is great news fodder. Not unlike our stories about Hollywood Stars or Politicians and if someone or some organization here in the US becomes embroiled in something that seems so unlike them then we are all shocked and there is lots of news.

As far as dance instruction the technique they use, the Vaganova method, is considered one of the best and they have consistently produced some of the worlds best dancers. But event the best dancers are human and capable of mean things or lying or promoting gossip.

Where my daughter will be is very sheltered and secure or I wouldn’t be sending her. The intensive is produced in conjunction with the Russian American Foundation, I have met and corresponded with the assistant director of the foundation and she is very professional. They will have lots of rules and a busy schedule and be well cared for. It is also a small and exclusive program and, yes, elite in the student ballet world. We are very thrilled she gets the opportunity. At her local school they provide Russian Training using the same methods. One of her instructors lived at the Bolshoi form age 10 and danced with them for 11 yrs. She came to the US around the time of the Soviet collapse and we are so lucky she ended up here at our school near the end of her career–she probably could teach another 10-20 yrs though. However my daughter is in a class where the abilities vary; she is one of the better ones at her level but there are others that are not as strong. At the intensive she will be in classes where students are her equal or better so it will really be intense and challenging and allow her to advance her skills. And they will being doing fun activities too over the summer. Not ALL dance and work.

Here is the story I was referring to:

I forgot to add that it is my understanding that there will be an opportunity to audition to attend the Russian Bolshoi at the Intensive. They also pick one high school aged boy and girl to be awarded a full scholarship to attend the Bolshoi. My daughter is too young for that honor and not yet good enough. If her age group gets to audition I told her to do so…the worst that will happen is they say no. I couldn’t afford to send her there unless she did have a scholarship. It’s very expensive. But free if you one lives in Russia and one qualifies.