Braden's Knitting for a Baby!

Okay, I finally decided to start a blog, so what better way to start it off than [I]100 Things about me[/I]

  1. I live in MS, and I’m a male knitter.
  2. I have a dog and a cat
  3. My favorite things to knit are aran sweaters and fair isle sweaters
  4. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann
  5. I love pens. (kinda random, but…)
  6. My favorite blog is Ingrid’s or
  7. My favorite yarn is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes
  8. My favorite needles are Addi Turbos and KnitPicks Options.
  9. I currently have 3 projects on the needles.
  10. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  11. I love country music.
  12. Reba McEntire is my favorite singer.
  13. [I]Reba[/I] is my favorite TV show.
  14. I hate that they canceled it.
  15. I have TONS of wool (don’t we all)
  16. My first project ever was a scarf.
  17. That was 5 years ago.
  18. I think I’ve learned a good many things since then :wink:
  19. I have VERY neat handwriting.
  20. I get compliments on it all the time.
  21. I can also crochet.
  22. I hate it compared to knitting.
  23. I rarely do it anymore.
  24. I would really like to become a moderator.
  25. I know that I have absolutely no chance of becoming one.
  26. I love KnittingHelp.
  27. I think Amy is great for doing it.
  28. I wish these videos were around when I learned to knit.
  29. Fall and Winter are my favorite times to knit.
  30. I knit exclusively on circular needles.
  31. I have blond hair.
  32. I am currently in junior high.
  33. I am enjoying it very much.
  34. I’m having a hard time thinking of 100 things.
  35. I thought it was going to be easy.
  36. I dislike intarsia knitting.
  37. I have all of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s books.
  38. I have read every one of them at least once.
  39. I am a continental knitter.
  40. I think it is much better than English method.
  41. I’m not sayin’ anything’s wrong with English method.
  42. I am a clean-freak.
  43. I really love to clean, and have everything neat, and organized.
  44. Y’all are gonna think I’m very weird for that.
  45. I don’t blame you.
  46. I knit almost exclusively with wool.
  47. I don’t like synthetics very much.
  48. I think wool is much softer and warmer.
  49. I prefer cats to dogs.
  50. The only exception is our dog, Mandy.
  51. I love Diet Coke.
  52. I love Salt and Vinegar potato chips.
  53. I am currently on an excercise craze.
  54. I am also on a low-calorie diet.
  55. I am going to forget that tomorrow at Easter Dinner.
  56. I wear soft contact lenses.
  57. I have moderate Dry Eye.
  58. I like contacts waaay more than glasses.
  59. I hated glasses, and couldn’t stand wearing them.
  60. I did, for 5 years, though.
  61. I am advanced knitter.
  62. I almost exclusively use Knit Picks yarns.
  63. I almost exclusively use Knit Picks needles.
  64. My favorite sweater to wear is an Aran from an old Alice Starmore book.
  65. I think having a blog is going to be fun.
  66. I am very religious. (Christian - Baptist)
  67. I am knitting blankets to sell at the Craft Fair this May.
  68. I have a good many.
  69. I love to eat grilled foods.
  70. That’s why I’m on the excercise craze.
  71. I attend First Baptist Church in MS.
  72. I was Baptized there on December 9, 2007
  73. I am going to have a new baby brother/sister in June '08
  74. I eat a salad made with uncooked spinach, cucumbers, sharp cheddar, and Non-Fat Italian dressing for lunch every single day.\
  75. I take a Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper/Diet Lipton Green Tea also.
  76. Sometimes I take an apple or yogurt to go with it.
  77. My favorite TV channel is TV Land.
  78. I love to watch The Jeffersons, I Love Lucy, Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, and Green Acres, and The Golden Girls (No, I’m not g*y.)
  79. I am involved in several Church projects.
  80. My youth group is going to Orlando for Spring Break.
  81. This year, I made a set of 4 crocheted snowflake ornaments.
  82. I want to make a set of 4 ornaments every year, different kinds of course.
  83. Okay, I can’t think of anything else.

Well, that’s about it. I think I’ll like having a blog. Pics are coming tomorrow. I’m going to reorganize my stash, so you’ll get to see that, as well as my progress on the front of Knit Picks Heirloom Aran. I’ve already finished the back and I love this pattern.


Welcome to the blogs!

I had no idea you were so young! You are very mature for your age. :thumbsup:

Okay here’s some pictures. I posted these in Wat’cha Knitting, but I thought they would go good here, too:

Crochet Afghan. Just a big granny square with random color changes.

Mistake Rib Scarf. It’s finished now.

Another crochet afghan. This one’s 4-color ripple.

And, here’s my dog, that I posted in the “What is your pet” thread in the General Forum.

Thanks! I forgot to mention:
-I can type 102 words a minute with 97% accuracy.
-I can knit 296 stitches in 3 minutes.

Pics comin’ tomorrow!

Hey, there! Mine is one of your favorite blogs? You must have a very high tolerance for the mundane! :rofl:

I can’t wait to see pics of your sweaters! :happydance:

Hey, thanks, Ingrid. Yep, your blog is one of my favorites, and to tell you the truth, it’s the only one I look at. No offense to anyone else, I just don’t really have time to follow more than one.

I’m so, so insulted!

Okay, not really. I only have time because I have a low-demand job that I should pay more attention to. :oops:

:rofl: It’s just that Ingrid’s blog was the first one I ever read on here, and it just stuck with me, is all! :happydance:

Welcome to blogland! :waving:

Thanks, I just cast on for the Candle Flame Shawl in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, and you’ll see that tomorrow. Off to knit!

WOW! I didn’t know you were so young either!

maybe you and Jenelle will get married some day :heart: You can be our first KH wedding. And we’ll all knit everything… knit tuxedo, knit dress, knit flowers, knit favors, knit camera covers, knit silverware (okay, I’m reaching here… )

:roflhard: And I only keep up with seven or eight at a time because I cheat and read them during lab classes on occasion. :oops:

I didn’t know you were so young, either. Props to you for not typing like an idiot! :cheering: I was into IRC chat and all that when I was 14 and no one believed I was 14 because I used punctuation and capitalized things. Funny, isn’t it?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah, it’s a shame more people my age don’t use correct grammar. Oh, look, now I sound like my English Teacher!


I don’t think it would work, really. :shrug:

u talks gud 2 I. :shrug:

Neither do I, nice style for a wedding, though. :rofl:

Okay, I’m officially part of “Expand your Stash '07.” It was started by these ladies for fun, in contrast to all the “Knit From Your Stash” groups that are really popular lately. Anyone can join, just copy my button, or the button from their site to your own photo server, and off you go!

Neither do I, nice style for a wedding, though. :rofl:[/quote]

Yeah. :teehee:

FINALLY, a group I can join :happydance:

Welcome to blogland!! :waving: