Hi all, I need help. Oatmeal pattern says
Row1 Rs(k2, PT),K2.
ROW 2 purl
ROW 3 K1,(PT, K2),PT P1.
I think I’m over thinking it, but do I just repeat to end. As it does not say how many times to repeat.

What is this a pattern for, a hat, scarf, etc.? There are a couple of pages of patterns with that name on Ravelry.
Do you have a stitch count or cast on number for this?

Hi, it is for a cardigan, the stitch count is 42

Maybe this pattern"

There’s errata listed but not addressing these rows.
Repeating the steps in parentheses works with 42sts for row 1, assuming PT is 2 stitch purl twist but the 3rd row doesn’t add up.
There’s an errata page for Spinoff magazine/Interweave on the Ravelry page and a note to them or to the designer may clear this up.