Bracelets and scarflettes!

I’m having a great time knitting and crocheting for Christmas but I’m not doing anything hard - nothing that needs a pattern.
I love to make knitted bracelets and cover them with buttons or with crocheted flowers that I buy secondhand… but always with a button holding them on.
Lately I’ve also been making scarflettes. These are so easy and I used a circular needle for the first time for one of them.
But mostly I just knit them straight and with a buttonhole or two and some nice buttons to close.
The one I just finished today is made with a very soft blue yarn from Bernat called (as far as I can tell) - LuLu. I got it from ValuVillage and decided to give it a try. It worked up nicely. I didn’t bother to leave a hole for the button but just used the scarf as is with a button on one end and the button going into one of the holey bits at the other end.
It’s to be a gift for an online friend. She’s often bed-ridden and I thought it would at least keep her neck warm.

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question
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Your little braclets sound like a lot of fun. Have fun giving your creations away this Christmas.

Everything sounds very cute!! We would love to see pictures when you are done. Your friend will love it! :hug:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’m going to try to post some pics today…

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]These pictures are of one scarflette - my favourite one I wear all the time and one knitted red bracelet that I added some crocheted flowers to.
The flowers were part of a doily that I found at the secondhand store and decided I could do something with.
The scarflette is basically a long piece of garter stitch… a c.o. of about 24 stitches and just knit til you don’t want to knit any more… LOL!
I love the buttons on this one. They are big and heavy coat buttons from an earlier decade that I happened upon in a rather scrappy pile of crappy buttons… my lucky day!
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both are really cute and very creative ideas!