Brace yourselves -- finger puppets!

OK, it was a bit dramatic. However, these puppets are worth attention because of their puprose, not their look. Our local children hospital (the main one) is offering them at the information desk to all little patients. We got a few during our hospital stay and visits and kept them for years even though they were simple ‘half fingers’ with eyes.

The current patterns listed on the hospital website feature a doll with hands, face and hair, a mouse and a duck. But I believe knitters make and donate all kinds. I decided to add some based on my kids interests. From left to right: Stegosaurus, Princess, Owl, Bunny, Puppy.

Also, I have started a new Ravelry group, Halifax Charity Knitters (link is posted with Jan’s permission).

It’s a local group (for the purpose of creating stronger community ties and eliminating mailing costs), however, you are welcome to take a look, join or participate if it’s something that speaks to you.

Thanks for your continuous moral support and encouragement!

My, what classy, dressed-up fingers you have!

Those are great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Oh those are adorable! What a great cause! :yay:

How charming and adorable. Little things like that really can help a sick child feel a little bit better.

Those are cute.

I love this idea for children coming into the hospital. They look adorable too. Help a little one not be quite so frightened.

What a clever, imaginative idea for children at the hospital. They are very cute. Thanks also for the link.

Thanks! Someone in our group said the hospital uses about 3000 finger puppets a month! Plus, children who had surgery get a comfort doll also made by volunteer knitters.

So cute!

Oh gosh, these are tooooooo cute! What a brilliant idea!!!

What a great idea! They are adorable. I know they make the children happy at an otherwise unhappy time. Great job!

Those are adorable, I love that little red doggie. Great job, and it must be very rewarding to help the kids.


It is, in many ways. It’s a nice little project that can be accomplished in 20-25 minutes wherever we go. Instant gratification! And if I don’t have time to make many, even one makes me feel that I could help one child a day in however small way.

Nicely done…I will try to find my old old book on finger puppets…it has some really cute ones…hummm I wonder if I have any pictures???..(gone off to find that book!! I know Ihave it I know I have it…darn…

Oh my gosh, those are so adorable! :slight_smile: