Boyfriends Birthday need ideas

Ok the history here is that we are both about through our divorces when we started dating. It has ben about 5 months -things are so different if you’v ebeen married nad return to the dating world- anyway I wanted to tak ehim to a NHL hockey game b/c we ar eboth fans- but then last weekend he said hey we;ve got extra time lets go down and see the game-- GREAT! But… now I feel like NHL game won’t be special enough since we did that for a regular night out- that sounds crazy but ya know I want it to be somethign we haven’t done on a regular date. He’s really into music and I thought concert tickets but none he likes- would it be lame to get him a gift certificate to music store so he can pick out some things he doesn’t have and take him to dinner? Im totally ou tof ideas and…help he’ll be 40 so I HAVE to do something.

Does he have an ipod or something like that? You could get him a gift certificate for music downloads.

very subtly ask him what he really wants at the moment as far as music-related, like what would be his dream gift, and then get that for him. or if he has any other major hobbies he’s really into, like photography or something, go off on that and get him a gift reguarding that.