Boye's Lifeline?

I’m working on my green gable using my boye’s and I want to put a lifeline in after the lace section. I’ve got my dental floss and I see the little key hole, but how in the world do I work it into my stitches?

Sometimes it’s so easy, it’s hard for me!!

you thread the dental floss through the little key hole, knit a row just like you normally would and then ditch the floss. It should automatically run right through the row of stitches.

Hmm, okay. I thought I had tried that, but I guess I wasn’t patient enough. it didn’t seem to be working. Patience…grasshopper! :slight_smile:

I tried again and it didn’t work again! I just don’t get it! :shrug: And now my lunch hour is up, so it’s driving me crazy! :wall: I’m sitting here trying to figure it out in my brain while working!!

Wonder if I can use the excuse that lunch isn’t sitting too well and sneak off somewhere to get this figured out! I’m terrible!