Boye set question

For anyone who has the Boyes set handy. Which size is the purple needle? I really need to get a needle sizer!


which purple?? I have two bright purples in my case and they are sizes 13 and 6. If there is another purple I don’t have it in here right now lol.

i guess it is kind of a medium lilac. I think it is either a 10 or 10.5


i had two sets of them and the needle colors were not all the same for the sizes between the two sets.

Can you line them up in order by size to figure out which one it is?? I don’t have a purple one in the larger sizes, I have a medium purple which is size 6 and a light purple which is size 8.

I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home to sort it out. I don’t have the rest of the set with me. I have a mohair sweater on the needles and I really don’t like the way it is catching on the join. I was going order an Addi from Jeff.


I don’t even remember having purple in my set… :thinking: They’re at home, anyway, so I can’t even check.

My darker purple is a 6, and the lighter purple is an 8.

What’s interesting is that my 4 and 5 are both gold, and so are my 11 and 13. Same colors right next to each other!

My original set didn’t either, because it’s from 1991. The duplicate purples that I have from Hobby Lobby are the 8 and 6 like KQ and GM.

Order an Options tip and cable combo from Knitpicks! :thumbsup:

I looked at the Options Tips and Cables and even with standard shipping, it is still cheaper to order an Addi from Jeff.


I see.

I like my Options because you get 2 cables and 4 buttons in the cable set, which offers a lot of flexibility (i.e. you can make 2 straights with 1 tip set or use a cable with 2 buttons instead of a stitch holder, etc). So, to me, that’s worth a couple of bucks.

BTW, I didn’t order the whole set, just fixed circs in 0, 1 and 3; 40" cables; tips in 5 and 10.5. I like to do 2 circular knitting and Hobby Lobby doesn’t stock tips in 3, 5 and 10.5, so I used the Options to complete my Boye set for 2 circ-ability! :wink:

Not trying to sell you on them, just giving a little more info.

You could try looking online for a picture of your set, and then decide what needle size they are. It’s a long shot, but might work.

I have a 6 and 13 in purple and an 8 in light lavender.

I have 6 and 13 in dark purple and 2 and 8 in lavender. hit a lys. hold the needles next to other ones. :wink: