Boye Needlemaster question ... length of needles

So I just got the set, and put together the 16" cord with the needles, and it is longer than my only other circular knitting needles, which is an Addi Turbo 16". So when I tried to cast on the same pattern on the Boye one that I’ve been doing on the Addis (120 stitches), it was just all stretched out and didn’t seem like a good idea. Or maybe it was my beginner’s imagination.

Or would it make a difference?

A 16" needle is measured tip to tip, not by cord length.

Hhmmm. Am thinking that there is no 12" circular needle or 16" circular needle possible with the Boye kit now. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m not understanding the whole lengths thing.

i believe on average all the Boye needle tips in that set are 4 inches long. so and the shortest cord they have available is 12inches…making a 20 inch needle. if you need a 16 inch length you are going to have to get another needle most likely to supplement the boyes.

Looking at the description for the Boye, it says that 20" is the shortest.


And that’s what I get for buying things when I don’t know what it is I’m buying. So we have to buy more needles anyway, huh.

Thanks. Sigh.

well you would have with any of the interchangeable sets. just think of it that it is cheaper to buy a bunch of 16 inch needles than to have to buy alllllllllll of those other needles too! and as stiff as the boye cords are i don’t think you would really want to try to get a 16 inch to work…just not pliable enough!