Boye knit slipper soles

Has anyone ever purchased the boye slipper soles? They are soles that come with a pattern for crochet and one for knit this is only my third project and I’m having some trouble with the instructions when it gets to the gusset and instep. Can anyone help me?

What is your question?

Well I got to the heel, the very last step it gives on the heel is: work heel flap in St st for 3 inches; end with purl row. Bind off next row tightly. (1 st rem on needle). This is the last thing I did next is the gusset and instep: with RS facing, pu 11 sts along inside edge of heel flap (1 st is already on needle)-12 sts. Then your are supposed to move on to K2 from holder, pm, work in rib pattern across 24 sts.

Basically I’m just confused on how to purl the next 11 sts when I just got done binding off.

It sounds like you are knitting top down (I’m a toe up kind of person) but, the stitches that you bind off and the stitches that you pick up are different stitches.

Look at the video in the Free Video tab about on Working Heel flaps(about 1/2 way down the page) it is under the advanced techniques of the free video. This will explain it better than I can.

The video section is a great place to look for answers, but, everyone on this forum is more than willing to help.

You may also want to stop over at Any Sock KAL IIwe talk about everything including socks and there is a lot of knowledge in the group.

If you have any other questions after the video let me know.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. The video helped make things more clear. I just looked at the pattern again and it does start out with the top and goes down to the toe. I have only knitted a scarf and a coffee mug hugger, so this is my first sock project but I’m really excited about it now and I will let you know how it goes and if I have anymore questions. Thanks again!