Boye Interchangeables

I don’t know if any of you remember when i firt came here i had ask of anyone knew of where i could buy the cables for the circulars. well my grandmother gave me a bag of needle points with no cables that she foind at a thrift store. well, i went to Hobby Lobby yestersday and low and behole they had cables. so i bought one. didn’t fit. so i started looking through the thread about interchangeables today. found the web site and they said that the have adaptors to fit old needles to new cables!!! :cheering: so it looks as though i have a full set of Boye interchangeables with no cables for FREE that i didn’t even know i had!!! now i don’t have to make any more cirs!!! :happydance:

Ah, thats great! I just :heart: my boyes! It’s so nice knowing I have every needle size.

I love my Boyes, thats great that you got it for free.