Boye Interchangeables

I know a lot of people have this set, so do you all find that the spot where the needle connects is rough and yarn gets caught on it? I’m having that problem and it is so annoying. Has anyone found a solution?


i trashed mine and got Denise’s set… I got so :hair: frustrated…

yup i went from the Boye set to the Denise set and I am now on the Knit Picks Options set. Each set got better and the KPOs are near perfect.

I sold the sets that I abandoned on here. :slight_smile:

I don’t find the connection rough WHEN they are screwed in all the way. But the darned things are always unscrewing, and then I find my yarn catching.

I hardly ever use them anymore. I think they are great for a begginner to build up a collection of needles of different sizes…

I thought I was screwing mine in too tight. I tried “sanding” it down, but gave up on it. I ended up just putting a piece of tape over the join and scrubbing it clean when I’m done.

I was looking into KPOs but was afraid of the same thing.


Took my Boyes to Goodwill and bought the KP Options (finally). Don’t regret it.

why not do what others have done and buy a sample set for yourself so you can see how they work? it is a relatively low risk deal because the cost for a set of cords and points isn’t that high, and it will help you see how much different the KPOs are from the Boyes.

thanks holamiis

I was looking at the KP Options myself. Are they slick like addi turbos?

Absolutely! :thumbsup: