Boye Interchangeable Needle system

I had gotten this for Christmas last year and I totally love it! The only thing is, the cables that connect the needles are just so stiff. Is there any way to loosen them up a bit so they are more flexible?

Also, the set came with a little key doohickey (there is a hole in the needles for it). I just don’t know what it’s used for. My best friend just got the knit picks set and the key it came with is to just hold to get the needles on the cable real tight. Could that be what this is for?

Tia :slight_smile:

Thats what it’s for

to be clear, it is basically used as leverage when you are tightening your needles. the only time my needles have come loose is when i haven’t used that key thingy.

i have heard some people have had luck loosening that join up by kind of bending it back and forth. i have also heard others have broken it by trying that. essentially, that is how almost all boye circs are created so they are meant to be that way. :shrug:

Well, that stinks that the cables are so stiff, but thanks for the other info!!

Get some VERY HOT water and place the cables into it for a minute or too and they will be great. :slight_smile: