Boye Electric Ball Winder

My faithful, 6 year old, much used ball winder finally gave up the ghost. I am a spinner, and a knitter. . . a ball winder is a “must have” to my way of thinking. So, living in the northern climes of Michigan, I started calling to see who, if anyone had a ball winder. NO ONE had one in stock except. . . of all places JoAnn Fabric. Off I went, only to find that (YES, I should have asked first probably) the only one they had was a $90.00 electric ball winder. Never having heard of such a thing, and having a 50% off coupon, I bought the thing and brought it home. I found that it would NOT wind from my swift. . . I found I had to hand turn the swift to get the thing to not stall out. Bottom line? I wrote the Boye Company an email about the problem (after trying all sorts of things for five days to make the thing work), and the answer I got was. . . are you ready??? The Boye electric ball winder was NOT made to work with a swift and that is what was causing the problem. I need to ask. . . if not made to work with a swift, what good is it??? Take heed! Do Not Buy a Boye Electric Ball Winder. . . it is expensive and useless! (My new hand winder is on its way as I write).

We feel your pain and I have learned over the years not to buy anything electric that I’m not sure of. Even my cream separator is not electric. Sorry you are having so much trouble.

Um, if a ball winder isn’t meant to be used with a swift, then what is it used for?? The production skeins don’t need to be wound in a ball.


I have a Swedish upright wooden swift and a Strauch Jumbo Winder. Couldn’t be more please with either of them.

Another happy Strauch Jumbo Winder user here, and it works beautifully with my swift.