Boye add on cable help

The bend that’s near the tip of the Boye set is driving me bonkers. I’m fine with the set when using only one cable, but connect two and something very annoying happens. It’s like I’m fighting the circle they make. Other than standing standing up and knitting so that needles and cord maintain a perfect circle, I don’t know what to do.

Seriously, these things are wonking all over the place as I move my work forward. My current project is 147 cast on the 2 longest cables. I’m going to try the two shorter ones and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for reading my vent. ANY suggestions are welcome before I get out the pliers and attempt something I’ll probably regret. :ick:

One of the many reasons I gave my Boyes away. Get the Options needles and you won’t have these cable problems.

Sorry, my first reply sounds a little snooty. I did not mean it that way. You might try using a hair dryer on the cables to help straighten them.

try straighten them with hot water… it worked for me

In the metal part? That didn’t occur to me; I used 16 and 21 inch cables together to make the pinwheel sweater. I just put up with it.