Boy Friendly Knits--Any suggestions?

I’m making a few baby things for a new cousin (due to arrive in August). My uncle’s wife has two older kids–age 12/14 ish–a girl and a boy.

I want to make them both a little something as well and mail it all out in package (to Alaska). So for the tween girl I’m making a cute kerchief and one of these bracelets.

I’d love suggestions for something small and cool to make for the boy! He’s the younger of the two, I think 5th or 6th grade. What should I make??

I don’t want anything that’s a “garment” cuz that’ll probably be boring…but I’m at a loss for boy-friendly knitted trinkets. It is Alaska, so I suppose if I can’t think of anything else I can make him a cool hat…but I’d love to have something a little less predictable too.

Link away–Thank you thank you!!

What about something like these:


Ooh that’s a good idea.
What is about a skull and crossbones that makes everything cooler? :teehee:

How about this?

Or how about a penguin? What boy wouldn’t want a penguin?

:smiley: Yep, skull and crossbones just say “cool!” I just wonder if
I am too old to be that cool >:)