Bows and Hearts Blanket for Violet

I finally finished this thing. Drove me bonkers for a whole month and I have to say I am super glad it is finished. Not difficult, but definitely a pattern you have to knit without outside disruptions. I made it for my son and dil’s best friends’ new baby girl. They have been on the adoption list for a long time and as such were totally unprepared when the time came so hopefully they will enjoy this for their baby girl.

How gorgeous! What a great way to welcome the new baby girl.

How beautiful. A great gift for the new addition.

super cute!

Oh, you’ve done an excellent job on this! Love the colors and the little hearts! What a beautiful baby blanket. I just hope they don’t think it’s too beautiful to use.

But sorry to hear it drove you nuts for a whole month (it would have driven me crazy for months and months and maybe even years 'cause I’m a slow knitter)!

I ADORE this!

This is simply :heart: LOVERLY! :heart:


Good job on that, it’s gorgeous!

Very lovely! I have a question: did you knit it in little squares, one at a time, and then have to stitch them together? or is there a way to knit it all as one piece?

at any rate, CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done!

Very pretty. Well done.

I knitted those little boogers one at a time then sewed them together. I was never so glad to be done with a blanket in my life. Thank goodness it wasn’t bigger.

Beautiful, beautiful!!! :inlove: