Bowling Green, Ohio area?

Hey guys,

I’m moving on Saturday to Bowling Green, OH where my family is. My boyfriend and I have broken up :(. I’m still hoping one day we’ll get back together…lol…but I know that can’t happen without me leaving. I’m devasated of course. I have nothing to my name and will be starting out completely fresh. I’ll be staying with my mom in BG until I find a job downtown…then I’ll be moving in with my brother who lives in downtown BG when I can afford to give him money for rent, etc.

Anyways…I was just wondering if there’s any KH’ers out that way. Maybe sometime we can get together at a coffee shop and knit :slight_smile: I’ll be in need of some good friends. :crying:

:heart: Things will turn out alright :slight_smile: Sending some big hugs your way!

I’m in Oberlin!

hugs to you with your move

I am about 3 hours from BG, Susan - we will definitely have to get together, maybe we can meet at Carol’s!

ROAD Trip to Oberlin!! whoo hooo!!!

JW, i’m sorry to hear of your situation. I had to move home to the US from England after my last break-up so i feel for you. It’s not fun having to up-sticks… but then again you always have Myles Pizza to make things a bit better! :wink: Ahhhh… Myles Pizza and their cheesy garlic bread… Mmmm…

I’m not near BG but my sister went there and i spent quite a bit of time in Falconland.

I really hope that you get back on your feet again quickly!


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll be all for a road trip once I have a car.

Hey Jive, I’m so sorry to hear about you and your bf. Its always hard to deal with those situations …I’m glad you have family to help support you… I looked it up and we are about 3.5 hrs from BG…

We can always meet in BG!

Sorry to hear about your abrupt move! You’ll have to give us a report on the LYS situation in Bowling Green.

Whoo Hoo!
I’m in Toledo, and have many friends in BG. Toledo is only 30 minutes from BG & there are a few really nice LYS that have meetings.
If you ever want to start up a group, I’d love to join!

The best LYS is right by the Toledo Zoo, and the second best one is a little further north (in Lambertville, MI)

Good luck with your move… AND make sure that you go to MYLES PIZZA!!! They have the best pizza in the world (in my humble opinion)

Thanks Glen! I’ve heard that one by the Zoo is pretty good…but I’ll be planted in BG for awhile until I have a car. I’ll definately check out Miles Pizza.

This time next week I’ll be job hunting…yay!! Once I move in with my brother in dowtown and get stuff settled I’d love to meet up with you and your friends.

Susan, somehow this is going to be a positive move for you, I just know it. I know there are many very difficult aspects of it, but ultimately this WILL be better for you!

I’m so sorry about your situation! Hopefully you will find a job quickly and be able to occupy your mind a bit.

I’m in Michigan just over the border from Toledo. We do all our shopping and “stuff” in Toledo. We have a wonderful LYS in Lambertville, Michigan. I also heard there is one on Secor in Toledo and one somewhere out by Airport Highway. I have not been to either of those yet. It would be fun to get a group going in this area, especially since I am still learning!

I’m really sorry about the turn of events in your life. :frowning: There is a charachter in the Talmud called Rabbi Gamzu because everytime something seemingly bad happened he would say gamzu l’tova-this too is for the good. And, at least with him, it was. Here’s hoping and praying it is with you too.