Bound off too loosely-how to undo it?

i just finished a scarf. Normally I use the next size up needle to bind off, to avoid that last row from being too tight. Since I was using size 19 needles, I didn’t have the next up size, so I merely did it very loosely; too loosely, obviously. It looks awful, and there are a couple of stitches that are considerably looser than the others. I’m really not sure how to correct this. :??

Help? :pray:

You can undo it. It’ll be a pain, but just pick it out one stitch at a time until you get a row of live stitches and redo it.

Um…could you 'splain that, please? :blush:

I’m not really sure how to do that. :??

Find the strand that you pulled through and pick it out of the last loop that was left on your needle.

Find the stitch that you passed over to bind off and lift it back over the last stitch. Keep finding the passed over stitch and lift it over the stitch that it’s around. If you take a close look at the bind off you’ll see that it’s basically one loop inside another inside another. You just have to take the outer stitch off the one that’s inside it.

If you slip a needle or piece of yarn through the stitches as you get them undone, it’ll save you the worry of unravelling.

I don’t do well with instructions at all, being such a visual learner. I’m not exactly sure I understand, but am going to give it a try! I do still have the last stitch on my needle. As I realized, right before cutting the yarn and pulling it through that last stitch, just how bad my edge looked. :doh:

Thank you for your help! :smiley: