I lost my train of thought and was not supposed to bind off (bound off at the neck edge when I was supposed to knit and then bind off for the sleeve). Can this horrible mistake be reversed??? Please help if you can!! Thanks in advance!

Sure, just take out the bound off stitches. You’ll have to undo your knitting, stitch by stitch would be the best, back to before you goofed. Look on the Tips page under Fixing Mistakes for Tinking.

Sure, you can undo the knot at the last slip stitch/bind off & unravel the bound off edge. Then pick up those stitches. That will return you to having a row of stitches on the needle.

Is that what you are asking?

Thank you both! I will have to bring my project to the computer to figure out how to un-do and re-do! I’ll have to try - I’ve been working so hard on this sweater. Thank you!

Welcome to the wonderful world of frogging. It took me the longest time to learn the lesson of UNDOING IT WHEN IT’S WRONG. :teehee: Now I just take it in stride. Remember, knitting is supposed to be relaxing. Sounds like you got yourself in a horse race, there. It’s all good. And it’s normal to have to undo. We have any perfect knitters in the gallery who never EVER make mistakes and have to rip it out? (ducking head to avoid pots crashing into my head!) :knitting:

Haha! I really did almost start crying when I realized my mistake, but I successfully un-did my stitches and I’m continuing on. I also thought "I thought this was supposed to be relaxing!!"
I’m happy to make mistakes though. Live and learn!

You’ll relax when you realize a mistake isn’t a total disaster. Whatever you do to knitting can be undone - it’s not permanent.