Bought yarn without project

I went to the LYS on the weekend and bought some yarn without a project inmind.
The problem is I bought 5 skiens of all colors that go together and not one the same.

Now I am searching for a pattern to maybe go with great fall colors, or maybe just go back and reload on more of the same color.

Any suggestions.

PS taking it back is not in my vocabulary! :teehee:

What is the yarn?


Red Heart Super Saver

Worsted Medium

Ouch. Sure you don’t want to take it back? That stuff is awful scratchy and hurts my hands when I knit![size=2] You’ll find it’s not well loved around here.
At any rate, have you looked here for patterns? I’m sure you can find something!
Knitting Pattern Central

Welcome to the club! :teehee: I see stash building in your near future. I haven’t knit with that yarn so I can’t give you any ideas other than the usual throw.


Ouch. Sure you don’t want to take it back? That stuff is awful scratchy and hurts my hands when I knit![size=9] You’ll find it’s not well loved around here.
[/size [/quote]

I heard somewhere (either around these parts or from the voices in my head) that if you wash the garmets with some fabric softener it makes them softer. Or maybe it was hair contitioner… I dunno. Anway, don’t knit if it holds any merit, but you could give it a shot…

since it’s all different colors and possibly a very scratchy yarn, how about knitting a handbag with colored shapes in it? You can use a pillow case to line it so things don’t poke through.

I bought some yarn a few months back on clearance. There were only 4 small skeins. I didn’t know what else to do, so I made a hand bag. I didn’t have a pattern on hand, so I winged it. I sort of regret that now, as it’s not a very pretty handbag.
If I’d had more, it would have made a very lovely sweater, though.

Hummm, I have kept my trap shut but now I am overcome and have to add my 2 cents.

It all depends on why you knit. I am a yarn snob. I will knit with cheap yarn if it is soft and doesn’t boss me around (i.e. it has some give and doesn’t split too much). BUT if it rubs or itches my fingers, pulls on my joints or squeeks, it’s outta there.

I have knit with one Red Heart yarn that I don’t mind (Red Heart Soft) and another that I don’t care for but I could be convinced to use again (Symphony). But the one you have makes my hands sad. I might use it if I were the second to last person on earth and I had to knit myself something to protect myself from the murderous advances of the very last person. Then again, if I’m the last person on earth, I probably have some time on my hands so I might just learn how to shear and spin myself something delightful.

Here is my point, and I do have one. Knitting is supposed to be FUN. You had the fun of picking out the yarn, great. But now you are supposed to have the fun of picking out a pattern, then the fun of knitting with it, then the fun of giving the final product to someone or using it yourself.

You are already not having fun picking out a pattern. Then when you knit with it, it is going to make your hands sad. Then when you have battled it long enough to finish your project, you will have something in colors that don’t go together.

The simplest solution is to go back to the store and exchange a few of the colors with a few that “go”. Now you get to have a second dose of FUN when you buy the new skeins, plus the fun of ending up with something you like. Hopefully the process of picking out a pattern will be more fun too now that you aren’t constrained by weird color combinations (particularly if you pick your pattern before choosing the new colors). That just leaves knitting with it, and you can stand anything if it’s only for a little while. Once you are finished, it is back to FUN because you have something lovely that doesn’t look like it was made on a dare.

hmm…i don’t think she was suggesting she had a problem with the yarns or the colors really. It sounded to me like the yarn just hadn’t told her what it wanted to be yet. I didn’t see any indication that she didn’t like the yarn, and there are plenty who do love it…My grandmother was one of them and she made the most cuddly afghans i have ever known.

I don’t know but if i had 5 skeins of complimentary colors i would seriously be considering a throw with different stitch patterns for each color and then stitched together…Kinda like a patchwork blanket. :shrug:

You could knit the pinwheel sweater for a child. There’s a KAL for it over on the Knit-Along forum. :slight_smile:

As usual I misread the OP! I thought she said the colors didn’t go together. Duh. I feel like the old Emily Litella character (Gilda Radner) on SNL, “Well, that’s different! Nevermind.”

Since they do go together, I am voting for throw pillows. The yarn does soften with washing, so wash them a few times before putting them on the pillows and you will be all set.

I made a blanket out of Red Heart Super Saver a few years ago, and it’s been through the wash quite a few times. Good news: It’s indestructible. Bad news: It isn’t very warm or soft, and it’s super-rough on your hands.

That said, it would make great throw pillows - especially the great big ones to use when you’re sitting at a coffee table. And it does come in some pretty colors!

if you can stand to hear any more about Red Heart, take a look a this thread: Red Heart Post

Personally, i luv my Red Heart Super Saver as el cheapo as it is. Doesn’t bother my hands, and i really luv a lot of the colors. I like it, i can afford it, i buy it :thumbsup:

I’m not a red heart fan but I have to speak in it’s defense…it does have a purpose and place–my grandmother and my grandmother in law both use it regularly and I use the blankets they give us regularly.

I would tend to go with either a striped afghan/lap throw or pillows. I like to sit on the floor so floor pillows sound great to me!

You want to do a log cabin afghan.

Trust me. :happydance:

Thanks for all the replies.

I did not expect to get that response at all.

After I read all comments I did go back and lookat the yarn. Here is what I came up with.

I did not know the yarn was as coarse as it is. I did buy it strickly for it’s amazing colors, cornmeal yellow, warm brown, carrot, med tyme, and coffee. I saw these colors and I had to have them.

I hear all the comments on how it is hard on the hands, I am thinking after every row… lotion :teehee:

I do not know, I really do not, I will figure it out in due time. I have to own my spontanious yarn buying and find a pattern that is perfect for this yarn… :roflhard:

Since it isn’t a yarn that is good for clothing since everyone is pretty much describing they don’t want against the skin, I go with anything household that can be used and beautiful without being scratchy, blankets, pillows that sort of thing if they aren’t in direct contact with the skin.

As for my 2 cents, I am a yarn cheapo. I buy yarn for it’s feel, it’s color, etc and if I can buy it inexpensively, I do it and I disregard the name. I told a friend of mine I think it is ridiculous to spend $25-30 on yarn for a pair of stupid socks no matter how pretty they come out. There I said it and I ain’t a takin’ it back! :roflhard:

I think I have got it, with this crazy yarn… a rug maybe, something for the ground for people to wipe their feet… :rofl:

That might make some people happy including the haters of Red Heart.

sorry my computer froze and look at that 3 post all the same… :oops:

No problem! It happens all the time so I just deleted the extras. :wink: