Bought some di ve wool. It says size 7 needles but >>>

I think it is thick enough for an 8 easily. Do y’all often size up if you don’t agree with the manuf. recs? I usually have to size up because I knit rather tightly, but I just think this needs a larger needle.


Hi boo1
I am new to this site but imo it is all about gage and that is a personal thing always. Your exp. tells u that u need to size up so u do. I often don’t agree for one reason or another with the factory and do as I wish making sure I make any and all adjustments to the pattern that my needle change may make necessary. Again it is all about the swatch uggh
ATM I am making a news boy cap with worsted weight wool that says size 10 needles and I am using 6 which meant a bit of math and conversion but it is tighter and warmer which is what I was after as it will be worn in the extreme north and will need to be.

Right…it’s gauge that matters. Different patterns call for different size needles with different yarn to achieve different effects (i.e., some patterns are designed for a “light and airy” look, and some want a fabric that is tight and thick. Also, some patterns call for a certain number of stitches per inch,and you might have to go up or down needle sizes to get than depending on whether you knit tightly or loosely.

So, getting the appropriate gauge for your pattern is more important than manufacture-recommended needle size.

The needles used to get the yarn gauge on the label are to indicate which weight range the yarn falls into, not that you should use only that size. A worsted weight can use from size 7 up; I do a lot of knitting with size 10 and larger and worsted can be used on the bigger needles too. You can probably use it in any pattern that calls for a worsted weight and size 8 or 9 needles, maybe even 10.

all the time.
its not unusual at all.