Bought Lorna's Laces for the 1st time!

I just had to share that!

I went to lunch with a friend from knitting group and we hit up 3 yarn shops today! What an afternoon of fun! I really wasn’t going to buy anything, but one shop had just gotten in Lorna’s Laces for the 1st time and I couldn’t resist. I got the sock yarn to make myself some more sockies!

Great buy! I recently got Lorna’s Laces for the first time too, I love it! Makes great socks :thumbsup:

Ooooh, I’m so jealous – three yarn shops in one day!!! I want to try Lorna’s Laces soon too!

And aren’t you glad you did! :cheering:

OHHHH Im ALL excited now! I have some on order from Chix… I’ve wanted to try some DK socks. Apparently, however, Lorna’s takes FOREVER to ship. I ordered it 3 weeks ago. :frowning:

:cheering: :cheering: I just ordered my 1st LL’s, too!! It’s patiently waiting for me to knit them for ME…don’t u know those will be yummilicious socks with the Lorna’s Laces?! Which color way did u get?

I bought some of the Shepherds sock yarn by Lorna’s Laces (back in the day…when I was still ordering…) and I couldn’t BELIEVE the differnece in the feel of the socks than say–the , well, less pricey sock yarns I’d been using. They were SO soft and the yarn just almost knitted itself!! My daughter-in-law was so happy with them. I’d made her a pair of socks with some self-striping I’d found at Michael’s–can’t remember the name-think it was made by Lion Brand-but there was all the difference in the world. The LL socks were SO cuddly! :heart: I am working on a pair now from yarn I got from KnitPicks lasy year that is part cotton and part nylon–I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but it really does nicely and it’s stretchy–feels great, and will be cooler for summer. I LOVE knitting socks!!

I got Mt. Creek. It’s beautiful! I cast on for the socks today at knitting group and I love it!