Bought FoldedBird's stitch markers

Bought some of Foldedbird’s stitch markers, they are a mystery style! I told her what I like and she’ll do her thing! Can’t wait to see what she’s come up with! I’ll post pics as soon as they arrive! Not sure if they have shipped yet, but hoping they will soon!

I am a mail stalker so I am crazy excited to see what comes! Look for the update of this post when I get them in my hot little hands.

You gotta check out her Blog: HERE she is so creative!


[color=blue]Me too! :cheering: Me too! I ordered some as well. It will be like getting a gift in the mail :heart: . She is an artist with beads, do take a look at her website if you get a chance. :cheering:
southern maine

Hmm, PayPal is being weird. I sent both of you delivery confrimations via PayPal…bizzarre!

They did ship yesterday, along with everyone’s gift markers! Thanks you guys!


[color=blue]Gotta love technology (when it works) :rollseyes: [/color]

Yeah, don’t ya!

I just e-mailed you both your tracking numbers!

[color=blue]Denise… what e-mail address are you using for me? :?? I think I have computer gremlins. Thanks hon… sorry to be such a bother! jeesh!

You’re not a bother, Anne! The one that starts: loon1014.

PM’d ya

[color=blue]Denise and all!
My stitch markers came! :cheering: I love them :heart: thank you so much! Can’t wait to get home and replace the gold hoop earing that I have been using lol! Denise you are the best!

Southern Maine
Excuse blurry pic. took it at work with my phone lol

Hey, Anne!
I’m so glad that you like them! Your camera phone takes pretty good pictures. I can’t wait to see what you use the stitch markers for, can we see a picture of them in your knitting? :inlove:


[color=blue]I will take a picture tonight and post it tomorrow :D. Hmmmm :thinking: wish I could sneak home now lol… boss is away for the day … hmmmm nah I would get caught for sure lol.
southern maine[/color]

Yippee ! I got mine too! I will post a pic tonite!

Denise (Foldedbird) these are EXACTLY what I love!

They are sooooo pretty and elegant and WOW!

I’ll post a pic of the markers and later of them in my knitting!

Thanks Denise! GREAT job!

Thanks!!! I’m so glad that you like them so much. You’re the first to get my new beads, hehe.

Emailing denise right now - i NEED these!

[color=blue]You will love them–DAH had to have a detailed explanation on how they worked. :heart:

southern maine[/color]

Men are SO clueless!
hehe, thanks KitKat!