Boucle and Ribbon girl's hat

Last hat for Emma. I am so glad she is in remission, but the stuff they have her still taking will keep her bald for quite awhile yet so now she has 6 hats to choose from. I am finally finished with all the projects I have been doing for others and can go back to my peach sweater I have been trying to get done for a year. :cheering:

It’s cute and I really like the color.

Too Cute,

Just finished wristers with Boucle “Mother/Daughter” for the daughter-in-law and granddaughter. SO NICE!

Love it!!! I just finished a simple scarf for my niece and tried putting some little ribbon bows on it. Didn’t like it. But they look perfect on this hat!

:happydance: Great job!

The hat was supposed to have ribbon threaded through a woven pattern on the hat, but it didn’t look right so I did the bows instead. I have to say I hate knitting with boucle though. It easily knots, sticks, etc. Glad it is done.

Ahhh, this hat is ADORABLE! I just love it!

Happy to hear that your sweet girl is doing better!!!