Bottom up raglan

I started off knitting Vestee (from I decided to knit the entire thing in the round from the bottom up. I have attached the sleeves and am now knitting the yoke in the round.

Instead of the shawl neckline of Vestee, I want to continue in the round and make it a roll-neck sweater (jcrew style).

I have markers for 1. beginning of round 2. each side of sleeves.

I have been decreasing on both sides of the sleeve. Do I need to add decreases anywhere else?


If you decrease on every other round, that ought to be enough. When the measurement around is a little larger than the head (this is a baby/child pattern, right?) stop the decreases and knit straight for an inch or two.

Thanks, just wanted to make sure I am doing it right before I got too far. Yes, this is a baby/child sweater. I am aiming for a 12-18 month size, but I have never seen this baby. I hear he is a big boy though, so he might be wearing it at 6 months!