Bottom up raglan yoke

I am working on DROPS pattern z-715, Vintage Rose Jumper.

I knit the body and sleeves (separately) up to arm pit area. I now have sleeves and body together on longer circular needles. My question seems to apply to several DROPS patterns that are bottom up raglans. The instructions have me working “chart A.2” where I am to -----work a yarn over - slip 1 knitwise, k2tog, psso - yo. ----- AT SAME TIME, working raglan instructions before and after A.2, thus before: Beg 2 sts before A.2 and k2tog. And after: slip 1 knitwise, k1, psso.

Sorry this is getting long …

The A.2 help comment indicates “arrow in diagram shown st with marker.”
I have four markers placed between all sleeve/body intersections. I guess my question is: where do I actually begin all this maneuvering? I need tow work the BEFORE A.2 raglan decrease, then A.2, then AFTER A.2 raglan decrease.

I know my goal is to decrease for the raglan, but doesn’t the two yarn overs in A.2 create a plus one stitch in itself? A.2 shows a yarn over before and after - slip 1, k2tog, psso.

In general instructions, I had seen something that said the stitch indicated by the marker. Would that be the stitch directly following the marker?

I am working the pullover, not cardigan.

Very nice looking sweater. Thanks for the pattern link.
The earlier instructions for placing the markers indicate that the markers are on a stitch rather than between sts ("… insert 1 marker in first st and 1 marker in last st on sleeve,…"). The arrow in A.2 is indicating that stitch.
The A.2 chart does indeed have 2 yarn overs which increase 2 sts but it also has the sl1, k2tog, psso which decreases 2 sts. The result is that the stitch count for A.2 stays the same. When you work the k2tog and sl1, k1, psso before and after A.2, you’ll see the raglan decreases.

Thx!!! I feel like a dunce to get great help and still be unsure. It really helps to know my first mistake of placing marker in between rather than attached to a specific stitch. So starting there, THAT stitch is which stitch in A.2 diagram? Directions state that marked stitch indicated by arrow… but there is not really a single arrow. Diagram shows three stitches

Making an arrow. If I were to hack/guess, I would slip stitch before marked stitch, then the k2tog would be marked stitch with next stitch, then passing slipped stitch over? That leaves me with the single stitch from k2tog.

Does this become the new marked stitch? And finally, raglan actually performed prior beginning 3 stitches before marked stitch, and then directly after final A.2 yarn over?

Yes, A.2 shows 3 boxes. Under the middle box is an arrow pointing up. That’s the stitch to mark. It’ll be easy enough to spot on subsequent rounds because it’ll be the stitch between the yarn overs. And yes, you’re correct about the marked stitch being the stitch after the slipped stitch and that the k2tog begins 3sts before the marked stitch.

Hi again :blush: So far, so good. I just completed the A.2 and have been working the raglan decreases per instructions. Once A.2 is completed, there are still 2 more raglan decreases. I am assuming I continue to work them beginning 3 stitches before marked stitch, and 2nd stitch after marked stitch, in order to keep raglan line straight? It seems obvious, but …

I’m glad it’s working out so far. Keep working A.2 until the decreases are finished. If you’ve gotten to the end of the chart, just start at row 1 of A.2 again. The A.2 pattern continues up to the change to A.3. See this project from Ravelry:

Thank you. I am surprised the pattern is not a bit clearer on this. I will go back and see if I just missed it. You have been a godsend. Thank you.