Bottom up raglan sweater, where do I place the stitch markers for the "sides"?

Hello all! I am knitting the Valentine sweater from Paelas. Currently I have casted on 80 stitches and I am working the rounds on double point needles.

The pattern states :
Cast on 80(92)100 st with dbl thread soul. Place one stitch marker in each
side. Knit in rib ,k1, p1, for 5(7)9 rounds . Turn to stockinette stitch
and knit until the piece measures a total of 19(23)27 cm . On the next
round you will bind off 4 sts at each side for armhole (2 sts on each side
of stitch marker). Leave aside and knit the arms.

My confusion here is where to place the stitch markers in the sides? Do I just put one in the middle of each set of 20? Also when it comes to the armholes it says to bind them off and continue the arm holes… does this mean that I just knit the armholes with what was left on that needle of the 20 set (plus the amount that it calls to cast on) or ???

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It really doesn’t matter where you place the markers as long as there are 40sts between the markers. I usually let the beginning of round be at the side so I would place one marker at the beginning of round and one 40sts later. Since you’re on dpn you could place the marker one stitch in from the end of needle one and needle three for example. Just be sure to have 40sts between markers.
Once you bind off at each side for the armhole it sounds like you cast on at that same place for the sleeve sts. I’m not sure as I don’t have the pattern.

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Oh that totally makes sense! Thank you for your help!