Bottom up Raglan sweater decreases

I’m making my very first sweater for my husband and following Elizabeth Zimmermann’s pattern for a bottom up raglan sweater. When making the raglan decreases Elizabeth says after knitting 1 to 2 inches for the armhole to start my decreases. Elizabeth then states to work within *2 stitches of marked stitch, K2 together, K marked stitch, SSK * – repeating from * three more times (decreased-round completed; 8 stitches decreased) then to work one round plain. (“Knitting without Tears” pg 74)

My question is will “the same type of decrease” all the way around the sweater really look right? Should I do a different type of decrease changing left leaning and right leaning depending upon what area of the sweater I’m working on or will they turn out right the way Elizabeth instructed?

So far I’m pleased with the way the bottom of the sweater is turning out, but I’m really worried about the decreases looking nice. Are there any pointers I should be aware of? Any tricks to making the back? All ideas for making my first sweater a lovely success are truly welcome.

PS. I hope the boyfriend sweater curse doesn’t apply to husbands.

You’re working k2tog on one side of the marked stitch and ssk on the other side. So all the ‘seams’ will be the same and balanced.

Ya gotta trust Elizabeth!:thumbsup:

I’ve learned to ask my adult sons whether or not they would like something and okay the color with them first before I cast on. Guys can be so picky. There’s no sense in knitting something if they won’t wear it.

Ah, so true. So far DH does seem to like the color (it’s very neutral – he’s not a flashy type of guy). I just hope this first “real” project comes out nice and I finish before his birthday at the end of August.