Both excited and sad

Well I finally finsihed my first very large project; my afghan is so pretty and warm. :woohoo: :woot: I couldn’t be more proud of my handy work (and a big thanks to you helpful ladies).

So, it is time to move on to another project. I have chosen the Soft Drawstring Pouch from the book “Last Minute Gifts”. I had purchased the beautiful Blue Sky Aplpaca, Alpaca & Silk in the same color as the cover of the book. I also had purchased the DPN’s required to do the I-cord.

So last night I sat down, reviewed the pattern and list of supplies. I gathered everything together, then on closer inspection realized to my horror do not have Size 6 16" Circular needles. I have purchased the Options set and a couple of added needle sizes and longer cables. I looked online and realized I can’t purchase a 16" cable, it isn’t available for the Options set. I would have to purchase a fixed 16" circular. Not that I mind ordering one, I just like to have tools ready. I am not a patient person and hate waiting for the mail.

I made the Icord and it went really well. Now I have to put everything away and wait, which means find another project to fill the time while I wait for the needles to arrive. :cry: Sorry for the long post, just had to vent.

Have you ever tried magic loop? You could use your longer options cord for it. Then you wouldn’t have to wait for a smaller cord. I haven’t bought a smaller diameter cord or dpns since I learned magic loop. Amy has a video under advanced techniques. Good luck!! I love that bag!

[COLOR=“Blue”]I watched the video on magic loop. I think I will try it. I am always eager to learn something new. I am sure I will be back here asking questions. Thanks for the help.[/COLOR]

Since this is a bag, gauge is not so critical, as long as you have enough yarn. You might be able to go up to a 7 or down to a 5 and it will be just fine (if you have those sizes.)

Awwww. Big Hugs Congrats on the finished project! Yea! And…I know how fustrating the needle situation must be for you. You have my sympathy.

I went home last night and attempted the magic loop, it wasn’t pretty. I completely bombed. I have not given up, I have caught on to everything else that I have attempted and it has been almost effortless to learn.

I knitted the first stitch and marked it (beg. round), made about 5 or 6 more stitches. They did not look smooth and I felt as though I was going to twist the stitches and mess it up.

I think I will get some scrap yarn and try again, practice a little. Maybe I was just nervous with the alpaca/silk I am using for the pouch.

It isn’t the needle size but the length of the cable. I have all the sizes of needles. I just didn’t realize that 16" cable isn’t available for Options Interchangable.