Botched Up Stripes- Please Help

Hi! I am knitting a scarf and it is coming out great except that I was making stripes and on accident I ended up knitting an entire row on the wrong side (I changed colors on the wrong side). :doh: So I had a front and back, and the back showed evidence of the color changes in garter stitch, but I accidentally showed the color change in the FRONT on my most recent row and it shows those color bumps instead of nice even stripes of color and I don’t know how to fix this. The front side is ruined (and the back/ wrong side has this nice even stripe without any color bumps)! Can anyone please help me? :mrgreen:

No easy fix that I know of. Either live with it, or frog and re-knit it.

What do you mean by “frog and re-knit?” I’m sorry; I am new to knitting and I am making this scarf as a gift. :slight_smile:
Can you tell me a way to fix this please, even if it is difficult?

“To frog” something means to take out (or rip back) what is messed up. So you would pull your stitches out back past the row where you messed up and reknit it.

When you get to a correct row, you can pull the yarn out of the stitches one at at time and place the live stitches on the needle.

Oh! Thanks! Does anyone have a visual aid I can use please?

There are videos here in KH for frogging and tinking which is to unknit one stitch at a time.

BTW, the term ‘frog’ is used because you rip-it, rip-it. :teehee: Just a bit of knitting trivia.